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Harley Farms Goat Dairy

Although I was born and raised in big city, I’ve always longed for quiet country living. I love the idea of owning a farm near a beach town, with little chickens, goats, bees, and farm-fresh produce. While this is dream won’t be fulfilled in the near future, I do get to live out my farm girl dreams at Harley Farms in Pescadero. Harley Farms is just a short 45-mile drive south from San Francisco. The road is incredibly scenic, complete with green hillsides and beach views.

When Alec & I arrived at Harley Farms for our tour, we immediately fell in love! There are animals everywhere, including baby goats and a giant llama that guards the farm from coyotes. The day was broken into three different parts: baby goat time, a guided tour and insight into the farm’s supply chain, and cheese tasting. We got to hold an adorable, soft baby goat (who tried to eat my hair and jacket buttons). After we played with the kid, we went on a guided tour of the farm and learned about the farm’s sustainability efforts and how they milk their goats and make cheese. Being the supply chain/food nerd that I am, I was very excited to learn about how their seemingly short supply chain is actually complex and time-sensitive due to the perishable nature of goat milk.

Finally, we got to taste over a dozen different cheese, oils, and spreads. What a treat! They had every flavor — from dill to honey lavender. We picked up a savory chive chèvre & a jar of homemade habanero jelly.

I highly recommend booking a tour of Harley Farms if you are interested in taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and learning more about farm life. You can book your tour here: Harley Farms Goat Dairy tour.


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  1. October 23, 2018 / 8:18 pm

    Wow! I’d want to live on a farm too (but without having to work it!)

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