Hi, I’m Kat Higashiyama.  Welcome to Pasta Ragazza!

Pasta Ragazza is an ode to the flavors & food that spark joy in our lives.  Inspired by my love for cooking and adventure, I started Pasta Ragazza to share my favorite recipes and celebrate food culture. Pasta Ragazza is your source for delicious, approachable recipes you can make right at home.  I put my heart and soul (and lots of testing) into every dish, so you can count on only the tastiest recipes.
Together we will make pasta 
fatta a mano, delectable desserts, and everything in between all while having fun!

Growing up hapa, I was lucky to enjoy the Japanese & Italian flavor profiles that continue to influence my cooking today. My most treasured memories were created in the kitchen. From sitting on the counter helping my Nonna make fresh pasta to slurping yolky ramen while watching Saturday morning cartoons, food has always been a source of inspiration and pure happiness.  Cooking is a labor of love and nothing makes me happier than creating unforgettable memories for family & friends through a delicious meal. 

Pasta Ragazza is your source for culinary ingenuity. Together we will make pasta from scratch, shake some cocktails, and explore new flavors & cultures.  I look forward to sharing my creations, kitchen accoutrements, and travels with you.

Let’s make new memories with each bite!


Kat Higashiyama

10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I’m a native Angeleno living in San Francisco, a true California girl through & through.
  2. I’m half Japanese & half Italian, which means I’ve eaten more noodles than one can imagine.
  3. My boyfriend Alec & I have two dogs: Paisley, a fo-tzu, & Peeps, a yorkie. They’re little shits, but we love them.
  4. I’m a third generation Dodger fan. My love for a Kirin float & Dodger Dog rivals my love for noodles.
  5. Cooking is in my blood. I grew up on the best Neapolitan pizza in LA @follierospizza.
  6. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school in LA (yes, the same one as Meghan Markle). I still have nightmares about getting in trouble for wearing the wrong uniform. Go Pandas!
  7. I’m a scorpio & have the same birthday as Champagne Papi.
  8. As a kid, I always knew I’d start my own business and finally pulled the trigger in 2017.
  9. Pasta Ragazza literally translates to “Pasta Girl” in Italian. Alec & I thought of the name while brainstorming on our couch.
  10. My dream is to own a small farm with a chicken coop, beehive, and a huge yard for Peeps & Paisley to play in. Oh, and a giant kitchen, of course.


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